Pushing Podio

Using Checklists in Podio

One thing that Podio lacks, is checklists. Sometimes you need a simple list of things that need to be done without the overhead of tasks, and sometimes you need to have a templated set of checklists ready on any item.

Using tasks for this can be too much overhead, and using a text field can be a little cumbersome.

Luckily, the SuperMenu has a markdown option that includes checkboxes.

With markdown, you can represent un-checked boxes with [ ] and checked boxes with [x].

When you create text elements with text-based checkboxes in multi-line text fields:

After saving, they become real checkboxes that you can click on to set / unset:

And the underlying text will change accordingly:

And with that, you can easily create checklists using GlobiFlow by just pre-populating a text field with [ ] and [x].

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