Pushing Podio

Fun Experiments pushing Citrix Podio to the limit so you can get more done.
... with a little help from GlobiFlow, ProcFu, and other friends ...

Podio Notion Wikis

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Managing knowledge and fluid, dynamic content, is not Podio's strong suit. I'm not saying this to be negative - it's just not the best tool for the job. This is where Notion shines. Once you master

Email to Notion

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Getting things into Notion using email is an often requested feature that doesn't exist natively. However, if you have a ProcFu Gold plan or higher, you can leverage HTML widgets to get the job done.
By now you may know that I swear by Podio. With the advanced workflows from GlobiFlow, Podio is the most powerful work management platform out there (unless you can afford SAP and a team of