Pushing Podio

Fun Experiments pushing Citrix Podio to the limit so you can get more done.
... with a little help from GlobiFlow, ProcFu, and other friends ...

External Link Flows are a very powerful feature of GlobiFlow. They allow you to trigger flows from links and can show results to the user who clicked the link. These pages are pretty bland though,

Working with Arrays

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As ProcFu becomes more and more popular, I see a lot more people asking questions about arrays, about JSON, and how to wield them in GlobiFlow. We mostly do this when we want to interact with APIs
For Citrix Partners, it can easily be argued that Podio+GlobiFlow is no longer an online tool, but more of a development platform. Working in production spaces is difficult and error-prone, and
Thanks to a brand new option in ProcFu that allows you to write your own custom PHP functions that accept custom arguments and return the result, it has allowed me to uncover a completely new way of
Very often, if you work with JSON data in GlobiFlow (or any data really) that contains escaped content, GlobiFlow will not be able to perform any functions on that data in variables. They will always
Using GlobiMail along with GlobiFlow and ProcFu, easily manage all your emails in Podio. The goal is to get all emails into a dedicated Podio App, creating a New Item for each. Then, automatically
UPDATE (11/16/18): I have released a second version of the Podio API User Manager. I have removed the App Pack from the Podio App Market, it is now available as a public repo using ProcFu's new
A huge thank you to Andreas for letting me post on his blog, and I’m very excited to share some information that may break open a whole new world for Podio developers, even those who are just
I've covered the power of Chrome's bookmarklets before, but want to step it up a bit in this post. Many times, you may wish to trigger a GlobiFlow (GF) process manually, and usually that involves
GlobiFlow is awesome, and ProcFu makes it legend ... wait for it ... dary. But working with multiple remote posts in a flow can be a bit painful. To make life easier, get the ProcFu Chrome Extension.