Pushing Podio

Fun Experiments pushing Citrix Podio to the limit so you can get more done.
... with a little help from GlobiFlow, ProcFu, and other friends ...


Here are the tools used on this blog:

  • Podio - the Citrix Podio Work Platform
  • GlobiFlow - Automation add-on for Podio
  • SuperMenu - Chrome extension to make Podio better
  • GlobiMail - the Complete Email Solution for Podio
  • GlobiMail for Chrome - Chrome extension to send email from any Podio item
  • ProcFu - A collection of hosted scripts to make Citrix Podio GlobiFlow better
  • ProcFu for Chrome - Chrome extension to use ProcFu scripts in GlobiFlow natively
  • Podio Responsive - Stylish UserStyle to make Podio responsive on smaller resolutions (eg FireFox on Android or Chrome on Chromebook).