Pushing Podio

Pushing Files to another Podio Item

There are many instances in which it would be desirable to copy all files from one Podio Item to another.

This is possible with GlobiFlow, but rather complex because GF can only pull files, not push them, so you'd need to trigger a flow in the destination item from a flow in the source item, etc.

With the ProcFu script podio_item_files_copy.pf it's super easy to copy files to another item. Here's an example where we create a new item and copy over the files from the current item:

If you need to make an exact copy of an item, instead of using the item create action in GlobiFlow, you can also use ProcFu script item_clone.pf (and then follow it up with podio_item_files_copy.pf if you also want to copy the files).

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