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Setting up a MySQL Database for GF

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Stop using Podio as a general database. If you need to deal with large amounts of data that you will never interact with on a daily basis, use a dedicated database instead. Just because you CAN use Podio for this, does not mean you SHOULD.

Huge data sets in Podio can slow down the system for everyone, and when you need to query your data, it's really slow. On the other hand, you can get a dedicated MySQL server starting from $5/month and performing queries on your data there is nearly instant.

With a little help from ProcFu, you can work with your MySQL database using GlobiFlow in a super-simple way.

In this post, we're going to show you the minimum steps to get a database for use within GF by leasing a $5 Digital Ocean droplet.

Get a Database Server

If you don't have a Digital Ocean account, get one at digitalocean.com

Next log into your Digital Ocean dashboard and create a new Droplet.

From the Create Droplets screen, select "Marketplace"

And from the Marketplace listing, select "MySQL"

Next, choose the plan and droplet size. If you're just getting started, the $5 droplet will be ample

Choose your data center and backups if you want (good idea), and finally name your droplet and click on "Create"

Once the droplet is created, you will receive an email with the IP address and root password. Save this in a safe place.

Next, ssh into your new droplet using the IP and password

ssh root@IPADDRESS

You will be prompted to change your root password, so go ahead and do that now

To get your mysql passwords, use

cat /root/.digitalocean_password

Create a Database

Using your droplet's IP address, go to phpMyAdmin by navigating to http://IPADRESS/phpmyadmin

Log in as "admin" with the password you got earlier for "admin_mysql_pass"

Once logged in, select "Databases" and create a new DB

From that database, select "Privileges"

And click on "Add user account"

Give this user a username and a strong password (maybe use something like this password generator with a 32 character password length)

Make sure the Host name is set to "Any Host" ("%") and that prvileges are set to grant all on the database you just created.

Add Databse to ProcFu

Now that you have a database, you need to connect it to your ProcFu account.

Go to the Configuration Page and click on "connect" next to MySQL

Enter the IP address of your droplet and the username, password and database name you created earlier and click on Submit

And that's it. You're now ready to start using MySQL from GlobiFlow.