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Adding Podio Live Chat to your Website

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You can now add live chat to your website and run if from Podio.

You can now add live chat to your website and run if from Podio. ProcFu has introduced a new feature called Web Widgets, and one of these widgets happens to be online chat.

The end-user experience is pretty much the standard. A tab hovers at the bottom right of the screen:

And when clicked on, allows the visitor to interact with your chat agents in the expanded window:

How to Set this up

To set this up is quite simple:

1 - Log into ProcFu and navigate to the Account (Acct) page

2 - Near the bottom under the "Website Widgets" tile, click on "Add Widget" and fill in the details, including the App ID of the chat app you want to use if you have a team (or leave this blank to just use Podio's native chat).

3 - Click Save

4 - Click on the "help" link next to your newly created widget, and copy the code shown in the pop-up:

5 - Edit your website and paste the provided html code before the </body> tag

Your visitors can now chat with you

That's it. All done.

When a visitor intitiates a chat from your website, it will either create a chat message in Podio, or create a new item in your chat app (if you provided one).

Any reply you send via chat or any comment you create on a chat item, will be given back to the visitor on your website.

Cool, right?