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Podio Excel Backups

This is a simple backup solution that exports all your Podio Apps to Excel files. It runs on your own web server, so you don't have to worry about other parties seeing your data.



1 - Download the Podio Backup Script and unzip it on your computer

2 - Upload the files to your website or web server

3 - Change the permissions of the "backups" folder to be writeable by all (chmod 777)

4 - Generate an API key in Podio (go to My Account > Account Settings > API Keys)

5 - Record the resulting Client ID and Client Secret

6 - Open the backup script in your browser (the location depends on where you uploaded the files)

7 - Copy & Paste the Podio Client ID and Client Secret, and the login username and password of your main Podio user (I would suggest you create a new user for automation purposes, just make sure to make this user an admin member of all Workspaces you want to back up).

8 - After you hit "Save", your first backup will run

Note that you'll only need to enter the API and user details once. The next time you load the backup script page in your browser, it will automatically just run the backup process.

9 - Create a scheduled task in Plesk, CPanel, or whatever your hosting platform is, to run the backup on a regular (eg weekly) basis. Either of the following examples should work:

php /path/to/podio_backup.php?verbose=off


curl --silent http://your.domain.com/podio_backup.php?verbose=off

The "?verbose=off" variable just supresses the browser output which you don't need when the backup runs as a scheduled task.

Resulting Backups

The backup files will be in the "backups" folder. Each time the backup runs, a new folder is created with the date & time as it's name.

For each of these dated folders, you'll have sub-folders for your organizations, and workspaces. In each workspace folder, you'll have an Excel file for each app, containing the app items.

Please note that this script comes without any warranties. Use it at your own risk. I know it works because we use it, but we can't be held liable if something breaks.

Please post something nice on your website / blog and link back to this page if you find this script useful.

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