Pushing Podio

Networking Site Demo

To showcase the power of ProcFu’s Mini Apps and ease of creating them, we’ve put together a few “BIG” demos.

This demo is a basic adaption of a Linked-In style networking site. It allows the public to see summary info on members, and allows members to see full details, as well as send and receive messages to/from other members.

You can play with the actual site here:

PP Demo Pinged Out

How it’s made


Podio has 3 apps: Members, Profiles, and Messages.

One important architectural choice we had to make in this site, is to have separate members and profiles apps. Since mini apps work a lot on “related” items, we wanted to make sure we always keep a current logged in member in the context as well as a currently viewed member profile (which will usually be different people).

Here’s the Members app:

Here’s the corresponding Profiles app:

And lastly, the Messages app:


We have 3 flows in GlobiFlow to make this all work.

The first flow is for when a member signs up, to ensure it’s not a duplicate, generate a password, create a profile item, and email the password to the new member:

The next flow is to handle password resets. To avoid having a totally separate app for password resets, we just create a new member record and set the name to “passwordreset”:

And finally we have a little flow to propagate any changes to the name in the profile back to the name in the member record:

ProcFu Mini App

And here is the mini app in ProcFu:

End Result

You can play with it here:

PP Demo Pinged Out

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