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Introducing the ProcFu Chrome Extension

GlobiFlow is awesome, and ProcFu makes it legend ... wait for it ... dary. But working with multiple remote posts in a flow can be a bit painful.

To make life easier, get the ProcFu Chrome Extension. It does a couple of nice things:

Manage ProcFu auth Tokens

You can configure multiple auth tokens to use in your flows.

Your remote posts to ProcFu will show up differently, tell you which authentication token you're using, and allow you to change the token user simply by clicking on the name:

Quickly Add new ProcFu Post actions

When you add a new action, you can select from a special new PROCFU brick:

Selecting a ProcFu action will then show you a list of all available ProcFu scripts in an easy-to-search window:

When selecting a ProcFu script, a new remote Post action will be added to your flow, with the majority of fields filled out:

The authentication token will default to the first known one, and you can cycle through saved tokens simply by clicking on the name.

There is a handy "info" button next to the script name to take you to the relevant script on the ProcFu website to read the docs and try it out live.

All the post parameters are pre-filled with placeholder text. You just need to double-click each placeholder and replace it with a GF variable token.

Saves a lot of time and headaches.

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