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Generate a PDF in Google Drive

One of the most common features used in GlobiFlow is to generate PDF's, like contracts and proposals. This works really well, and by default, GlobiFlow will attach the generated PDF to the item in Podio where it was created.

But what if you want to keep your PDF's in Google Drive instead of in Podio?

Here's where ProcFu comes to the rescue.

We'll build our GF flow as usual, to create a PDF but then use ProcFu to move that PDF to Google Drive, and remove it from the item directly.

One thing to keep in mind is that GlobiFlow will saften the filename of the PDF (whether you want this to happen or not), so we need to be careful with our naming. To be safe, we'll add a unique ID to each file so that we can pattern match it again later.

If you want to save your PDF's to a particular folder in Google Drive, grab the ID of the folder from the URL and create a variable with it in the next step:

And the last thing we need to do now, is copy this file to Google Drive, and if successful, delete the original from Podio, by using ProcFu scripts podio_files_to_google.pf and podio_files_delete.pf:

Note again since we can't rely on the filename, we use the pattern *[uniqid].pdf for our copy and delete actions.

Also, we don't expect any issues with copying the PDF to Google Drive, but just in case we want to make sure there was no issue before deleting the original.

The result is that the item in Podio will now have only a Google Drive linked PDF as generated by the flow:

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