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Creating Custom Dashboards for Podio

A dashboard is really just a collection of tiles with some data in them. Mini Apps now have a new screen type just for that..

For this example, weโ€™re going to create a simple dashboard like this one:

Podio Setup

To create dashboard widgets, you need to ensure you have the correct sources set up in Podio.

Single Value Widgets

Widgets like progress bars, simple values, and gauges, require a single-value report widget in Podio, for example this one:


Line charts and bar charts can get their data from one of two places:

If you're using views as sources, you'll need to provide the app and view, as well as the External ID of the fields to use for the key and value axes (eg title or my-category - you can get the external field id's from the developer page of each app).


For tables, you need to provide the app and view. Optionally, you can provide a comma-separated list of external field id's and a comma-separated list of labels.


Each dashboard screen has a cache time setting. This allows you to find a sweet spot to minimize your ProcFu account usage and still show relevant data. If you set your cache time to 0, then the dashboard data is fetched fresh for each screen display. If you set your cache time to 3600, then the dashboard is saved for 1 hour, which prevents ProcFu from having to get the data each time in between.

The Mini App

In mini apps, you can select the "Podio Dashboard" as the screen type, and then configure your dashboard.

You can move widgets around and set their individual widths. Note that each row's widget widths should add up to 100.

The Refresh button force reload the data and regenerate the preview.

Note that charts and tables use Google Charts and how they render is beyond our control.

If you want tables with click-through to details etc, simply use regular Mini App views. You can embed screens in other screens with the @[pf_embed:SCREENNAME] token like before.

Please consider adding authentication to your mini app to secure your data.

The Result

The result is a pretty dashboard:

For your reference, here is a link to the Live Test Page

Happy Dashing :-)

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