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Chrome Bookmarklets for quick Podio Entries

We all have Podio Apps where we need to constantly add things during the course of our working day. It's rather time-consuming to navigate to the required app, or change focus to another browser tab. In many instances it would be great to be able to create a new item from anywhere.

Here come Chrome Bookmarklets and Podio Webforms to the rescue. Bookmarlets are basically bookmarks with a little bit of javascript in them to make them more functional.

First, go to the app you need to create items in regularly, and configure the webform:

And then get it's "Shareable Link":

Note that the webform address used here is fictional to prevent spam in my Podio account.

Next, right-click on Chrome's Bookmark Bar, and select "Add page". For the URL of the bookmark, use the code below (just change https://podio.com/webforms/1713744/11667051 to the url of your Podio Webform):

		"New ScratchPad Item", "height=500, width= 700"

It should look something like this:

When you click on this new Bookmarklet, a pop-up window should appear with the webform inside:

You can now create new items from ANY page in Chrome, simply by selecting the Bookmarklet.

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