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Fun Experiments pushing Citrix Podio to the limit so you can get more done.
... with a little help from GlobiFlow, ProcFu, and other friends ...


Topics that don't need a category, or don't fit into any other existing category.

Podio has webforms built in, which allows easy creation of items. The problem arises when you want a specific person to provide some data. Having a form create a new item (a) doesn't allow editing of
A common business requirement is to allow external customers to interact with Podio data. In this example, we're going to allow customers to: log in edit their profile view their projects and add
Do you have customers coming to your website? Do you want to be able to identify them and show them custom content? Then this post is for you. What we're trying to achieve here, is to let visitors to
Showing Podio data on a website is a common requirement. I'll be doing a series of posts on this topic going from simple to advanced. In this simple case, we're just going to show a table on your
If you're a Podio Partner and have created App Packs that you wish to sell to your customers, here's how. Most simple e-commerce plugins for websites have a confirmation page after a sale is
I often need to publish some arbitrary view from Podio to my Google Calendar. The use-cases are many, but often revolve around synching free/busy times etc. Although you can export a Podio Calendar,
A dashboard is really just a collection of tiles with some data in them. ProcFu website widgets come in really handy in creating the tile content. For this example, we're going to create a simple
You can now add live chat to your website and run if from Podio. You can now add live chat to your website and run if from Podio. ProcFu has introduced a new feature called Web Widgets, and one of
Thanks to a brand new option in ProcFu that allows you to write your own custom PHP functions that accept custom arguments and return the result, it has allowed me to uncover a completely new way of
Sometimes tasks and chat messages in Podio are just not enough. If something is very important, you want to make sure you see it, or maybe someone else sees it. You can now generate a pop-up message