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Fun Experiments pushing Citrix Podio to the limit so you can get more done.
... with a little help from GlobiFlow, ProcFu, and other friends ...


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Creating a Booking Form App

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Having a website booking form with availability is an often requested feature. This is what we're aiming for: It's now possible and super easy to build this using ProcFu's mini apps. Here's how ...
In this post, we're going to push ProcFu's mini apps a bit to showcase what's possible, and also share some hacks and tricks to get more out of them. We're going to set up a customer portal where

Podio Notion Wikis

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Managing knowledge and fluid, dynamic content, is not Podio's strong suit. I'm not saying this to be negative - it's just not the best tool for the job. This is where Notion shines. Once you master

Podio Spreadsheets with ProcFu

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ProcFu's new Mini Apps recently got a new feature: Spreadsheets. These sheets can be hugely useful in specific applications, reducing the amount of click-through required to edit larger data sets. In

ProcFu Mini App Embedding Tips

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ProcFu's new mini apps have taken off with a bang. It's great to see how excited users are about this feature. Not only can you easily (point & click) create mobile friendly apps and customer

Email to Notion

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Getting things into Notion using email is an often requested feature that doesn't exist natively. However, if you have a ProcFu Gold plan or higher, you can leverage HTML widgets to get the job done.
By now you may know that I swear by Podio. With the advanced workflows from GlobiFlow, Podio is the most powerful work management platform out there (unless you can afford SAP and a team of

GlobiFlow Error Triage

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After my musings on automating GF error recovery I have decided on a more manual approach. This provides more control and doesn't add more strain on Podio when there's an outage. In this solution, I
I love Podio, and GlobiFlow makes it even better. GlobiFlow automates the mundane, so you can concentrate on what's important. But every now and again, the Podio API hiccups and throws an error,

All-in on Checklists

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Checklists are one of the most important parts of a company's standard operating procedure. Checklists prevent errors and ensure compliance and standardization. Using Podio tasks for checklists is