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Building a Podio User Portal with ProcFu (External User Projects)

A very common requirement is to let external users interact with your Podio data.

Podio-native webforms allow creating new items, but beyond that, there is no mechanism to allow outside users to view or edit specific parts of your data.

ProcFu’s Mini Apps makes this super easy.

For this example, we’re going to use a standard Projects app. Customers will authenticate using Google, and will be able to see their projects, comment on existing projects, and create new projects.

The Setup

We will need some kind of Users app, with at minimun, a single-line text field or email field to store the user’s Google email address.

Only users with an entry in the Users app will be able to log into this Mini App.

The next thing we’ll need, is a Projects app. What this app looks like is not really important and totally up to you and your requirements.

The only really important part, is that the Projects app has a relationship field back to the Users app so that we can show only projects relevant to the logged in user.

The Mini App

Now that we have our Podio setup ready, let’s build a mini app for outside users to work with.

First, we’ll tell the app to use Google authentication with the Google Email field from the Users app.

Next, we’ll need a list screen of all projects for the user. This is where we choose “Related Item” as the items from field so that only projects related to the logged in user are shown.

We also add a button to the footer to go to a screen called “new” which we shall define shortly.

The code for the button is <button>[Create New](@[pf_screen:new])</button>

Next, we’ll need a detail page to show the individual project data. In this case, we’re using “View” mode so no edits can be made, however we are allowing adding of comments.

Next, we’ll need the “new” screen we linked earlier for customers to create new projects.

Here we are defaulting the User field to @[pf_auth_item_id] so that it is related to the current user, and we’re also defaulting the status to “New”.

Lastly, we’ll double-check to make sure all “On Submit” and “On Click” fields point to the correct screen, and tell the app to start on the “list” screen.

The Result

And that’s it. You now have a Mini App where non-Podio users can log in using Google, create projects, view the status of existing projects, and add comments to projects.

The best part is that the Mini App took less than one minute to create and required no programming skills at all.

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