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Bringing back Podio's App Sidebar Widgets

I really miss the app sidebar widgets that Podio had until circa mid-2014. They allowed apps to look different. It was easier to get visual context, and you also got more information on the app overview.

One thing I miss the most on the app overview screen is my charts. I LOVE visual things.

With a recent update to the SuperMenu, it's now possible again.

For this example, I'll cover creating a new chart as well.

First, create a new image tile in the app's reports:

No need to actually upload an image:

Then, in GlobiFlow, create a new chart in this app:

And configure it as you wish. Just make sure it's set to update the newly created image tile:

Next, go back to your Podio reports for the app, and click the new "SuperMenu: Add to App SideBar" icon that appears on hover:

When you go back to the main app overview, you will now see the chart injected in the app sidebar above the views:

Note that you can add pretty much any widget from the reports section to the app sidebar.

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