Pushing Podio

Allowing Single App Access

Have you ever wished you could allow users access to a single app in Podio without granted access to the entire workspace?

With ProcFu’s Mini Apps, you can easily create a window into an app that would allow users to interact with it, without needing to be in the workspace.

For this example, we’re going to use a Corporate Documents type app. Users will not be in the corporate space, and we won’t let them create or edit anything, but we will let them download documents that they may need.

The Setup

Since we’re dealing with Podio users which don’t have native access to the app, we need some kind of Users app with at minimum a field for their Podio email address.

Only users with an entry in this app will be able to log in and use our Mini App.

The structure of the Corporate Docs app is really not important, but we have a title, category, and description.

The documents themselves will be attached to the files section of each item.

Creating the Mini App

For the mini app, we will choose Podio as the authentication mechanism, using the Users app and specifically the Podio Email field in the Users app to only allow valid people to access this.

The first screen we will define is the list view of the documents. To allow searching though, we will use items from “App with Search” instead of a view.

And on-click of an item, we’ll have a screen to show the details of the item, including the attached files which are our actual docs that users would want.

And lastly, we’ll tell the mini app to start on the list screen.

The Result

When an allowed user goes to this app’s URL, they will be presented with a searchable list of items in Corporate Docs.

And when they select an item, they can see the details and download any attached file(s).

Note that you could easily allow people to edit fields as well. It just didn’t seem logical with the given example.

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