Pushing Podio

Adding Notion to your ProcFu Account

By now you may know that I swear by Podio. With the advanced workflows from GlobiFlow, Podio is the most powerful work management platform out there (unless you can afford SAP and a team of developers).

But Podio is not the best tool for EVERY job. Podio is superb for structured, controlled, enforced, and automatable data.

When it comes to unstructured, fluid data, my tool of choice is Notion. Notion just makes it super easy to create documents and move shit around as you work. Notion does allow tabular data, but it’s nowhere near the level of Podio.

Connection Notion

Notion does not have an official API (yet). It’s on the roadmap, but I couldn’t wait any longer. All the automations in Notion provided by ProcFu, are done via Notion’s internal API (for now).

To make this work, you need a cookie from your browser from a logged-in Notion session.

  1. Open the Developer Console with CTRL+SHIFT+J
  1. Select the “Application” Tab on top
  1. On the left, under “Storage”, expand “Cookies”, and click on the Notion URL (https://www.notion.so)
  1. Look for a cookie called “token_v2”, double-click on the value, and copy it’s value to your clipboard.
  1. In ProcFu, select “Configuration” from the menu
  1. Next to “Notion”, click “Connect” and paste in the token value.

Notion Block Helper

Notion visually breaks down your data into Workspaces and pages, where pages can have sub-pages, tables, lists, etc.

Internally though, everything is a block, and blocks have parents and children. A page is a block. A paragraph is a block. Every item in a bullet list is a block. Etc. The only time we move away from blocks is when it comes to tables, and that’s mostly to achieve more of a functional separation. Tables are actually blocks too.

Every block has an ID, and you will need the ID when calling a script to create a sub-block or remove a block, etc. To make it easier to find the ID of a block, I’ve put together a little javascript helper and wrapped it in a bookmarklet:


Create a bookmarklet on your bookmarks bar with the above code for easy access.

Anytime you need to find the ID of a block, click on the bookmarklet, and then move your mouse around the screen. You’ll see each block get a red border as you mouse over it, and when you click on one, an alert box will pop up with the ID of the clicked block.

Super simple, but super helpful.

ProcFu Notion Scripts

Let’s get to the juicy bits.

The latest ProcFu mission has been to get Podio and Notion to work together so that you can use both these tools in a more integrated manner, getting the best of both worlds.

After long nights coding, there are now a useful collection of scripts to interact with Notion. You can see them in ProcFu here: https://procfu.com/scripts.php#notion.

Stay tuned for more posts showing these scripts in action.

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