Pushing Podio

A Better Podio Mobile Experience

Podio is amazing. The power is unprecedented. No other online work management platform even comes close.

With such power come interesting UI compromises. Using Podio in your browser on a desktop with a large screen is overall a good experience.

Even though Podio has mobile apps that “work”, if you need to do a lot of repetitive work while on the road, there are some challenges.

For example, if you have to regularly work on helpdesk tickets on your mobile, you’d no doubt be familiar with this process:

All of this isn’t too bad, but if you’re over 30, the biggest downside could be the tiny font size that is not resizeable.

Introducing ProcFu Mini Apps

ProcFu’s new Mini Apps can be used to create a controlled window into a Podio app providing just the needed features, and in a responsive, resizeable HTML web page.

For this helpdesk example, we can default a particular view, go directly into edit mode when selecting a ticket, only show the required fields, and lock down fields that should not be changed by support agents in the field.

The Mini App for the helpdesk makes for a much more pleasant mobile experience.

The Setup

Setting up Mini Apps is quite straight-forward. To get started, simply go to the MiniApps page via the menu, and click on the “Create new App” button:

Note that I’m using the new nineties theme in these screenshots. You can switch themes from the main menu navigation.

For authentication, we’ll set “Podio” with no users app.

This means ANY Podio user can log in, but what they see will be restricted to their permissions in Podio.

The first screen is going to be a view of the helpdesk app. Simply select the app, the view, and the fields that should be shown.

When clicking on an item, we’ll want an edit screen of the ticket. To make things a little easier, click on the “+d” link next to the app on the previous screen, and a new screen will be created with some of the fields pre-filled. It just saves a few clicks, but when you’re creating a lot of apps, every click counts.

On the detail screen, you can specify that the mode is “Edit”, choose the fields to show, and lock some fields to be read-only.

The last thing we need to do is tell our Mini App which screen to start on.

And then we can save it and click on the URL to get to the app.

Obviously the App will be slightly nicer on a desktop because there’s more screen real-estate.

But on a mobile, the UX is considerably superior over Podio’s native app:

Creating Mini Apps is super easy and quick. And their usefulness will just improve with time and imagination.

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