Pushing Podio

Fun Experiments pushing Citrix Podio to the limit so you can get more done.
... with a little help from GlobiFlow, ProcFu, and other friends ...

Generate a PDF in Google Drive

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One of the most common features used in GlobiFlow is to generate PDF's, like contracts and proposals. This works really well, and by default, GlobiFlow will attach the generated PDF to the item in

Using Checklists in Podio

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One thing that Podio lacks, is checklists. Sometimes you need a simple list of things that need to be done without the overhead of tasks, and sometimes you need to have a templated set of checklists
Google Docs are a great way to collaborate. They allow for amazing rich content and are available anywhere. If you've used Google Docs in your Podio apps, you may be tired of having to manually
As we grow our Podio workspaces, we end up with more and more task and project apps. After a while it gets quite difficult deciding what needs to be done because you first need to choose which app to

Building a Website Watcher

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I recently noticed that I waste a lot of time watching web pages for changes. Well, waste no more. Time to automate this. The concept is pretty simple: reguarly check a web page for changes, and let
GlobiFlow is awesome, and ProcFu makes it legend ... wait for it ... dary. But working with multiple remote posts in a flow can be a bit painful. To make life easier, get the ProcFu Chrome Extension.
I really miss the app sidebar widgets that Podio had until circa mid-2014. They allowed apps to look different. It was easier to get visual context, and you also got more information on the app
Although Podio provides workspace tiles to show the files on a workspace, that tile will show all recent files on any item in the workspace. In many cases, what we actually want, is a list of files
We all have Podio Apps where we need to constantly add things during the course of our working day. It's rather time-consuming to navigate to the required app, or change focus to another browser tab.
One issue I see regularly is people not being organized and not being able to get to where they want/need to be in a quick and efficient manner. Even though most people use bookmarks, they tend to be